Company Overview

To be the preeminent, black-owned, managed and operated financial services and management consulting group in Africa



We are defined by our passion to deliver, our integrity and our commitment to our people and our clients. The following qualities underscore our actions:


We are committed to ongoing skills development for previously disadvantaged individuals and sustained economic growth for future African generations.


Our progressive business model allows us to drive change, break boundaries and test convention.

Company Profile


Our world-class talent brings with it an entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance and decisiveness.

Client centricity

Meeting our clients’ needs is our lodestar. We strive to deliver distinctive and exceptional service with unrivalled energy and passion, without fail.


Our transparent and respectful approach to collaboration aims to drive development and promotes progressive, unconventional thinking.


Our high ethical standards are our moral compass that promotes fairness and endorses trust.



Trillian offers efficient and long-lasting solutions to the public and private sector by merging cross-functional skills in the fields of business strategy and management consulting with specialist investment products.

We challenge convention with market-leading techniques and analytics to create bespoke, targeted and progressive solutions through the five functional business areas in which we specialise, namely:

  • Financial Advisory and Specialised Finance
  • Management Consulting
  • Asset Management
  • Securities Support Services
  • Property

We combine local expertise and a deep understanding of developmental needs with that of our internationally accredited partners to provide tailored solutions.

Trillian is uniquely positioned at the nexus of investment banking and strategy consulting. Our extensive global capital market networks, wide service offering and specialised market capabilities allow us to blend world-class service standards, leading intellectual quality and local knowledge content to solve business problems in the most efficient, effective and sustainable manner.



The Trillian journey began in 2010 as Trillian Asset Management, and our business has evolved into a uniquely diversified financial services and advisory business.


Trillian Asset Management is a boutique asset management enterprise.


Trillian Asset Management becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trillian Capital Partners.


Boasting a team of 100, Trillian is geared to execute its vision and better serve its clients’ needs.



From strategy development and implementation to transaction structuring and execution, Trillian’s diligent and experienced teams are adept at solving complex business challenges. We help businesses navigate their environments and steer them towards their goals through a combination of the following services.


Trillian Holdings (Pty) Ltd


Zara W (Pty) Ltd


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