Corporate Social Investment

An objective-driven approach to CSI enables us to measure the ongoing performance of our community projects, as well and their resulting socio-economic impact


Social Investment

Our corporate social investment programme aligns our corporate strategy to our country’s development goals, reiterating our commitment to public sector agendas. By instilling a culture of transformation inside our business, we activate a powerful multiplier effect; empower someone today and they will go on to empower others tomorrow.

Through purposeful social investment, we are able to:

• Help the public sector achieve its agendas (National Development Plan)
• Bridge the gap between government and beneficiary (responsible corporate citizenship)
• Create a meaningful corporate culture (instil our value of transformation)

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An analysis of the NDP revealed key determinants for a decent quality of life. We identified four focal points from these elements, around which to structure our social investment projects, whilst also supporting staff initiatives.

An objective-driven approach to CSI enables us to measure the ongoing performance of these projects, as well and their resulting socio-economic impact. Our broad strokes strategy is as follows:

Element ObjectivePlan
NutritionEnsure household food and nutrition securityFinance and assist a community orphanage (NPO) with a fully-fledged fruit and vegetable garden, a stockpile of resources, and training programmes
Education & SkillsIncrease the quality of education with a focus on preschool and literacy Finance and assist a community pre/primary school (NPO) with a new computer lab and library, as well as learning programmes
HealthcareEnable healthy development by promoting health and wellnessFinance and assist a community sports club (NPO) with sports and fitness resources, and wellness programmes
EmploymentIncrease employment by promoting the development of skilled, technical professionalsFinance and assist a youth training and development centre (NPO) that trains artisans, and support them with business coaching and mentorship
StaffEnable employees to drive self-owned initiativesIdentify staff initiatives that align to the National Development Plan, providing financial support and human resources

Project case studies will be made available via the Insights page in due course.

Company Profile

“To accelerate progress, deepen democracy and build a more inclusive society, South Africa must translate political emancipation into economic wellbeing for all. It is up to all South Africans to fix the future, starting today.”

National Development Plan