Financial Advisory

Trillian Financial Advisory (“TFA”) offers all-encompassing financial services solutions



Through its two divisions – Corporate and Specialised Finance and Debt Capital Markets, the entity houses both Corporate Finance, Strategy and Structuring solutions as well as Debt Origination, Syndication and Placement solutions.

Corporate and

Specialised Finance

Our key differentiator is our ability to define strategic direction and advise on capital markets execution in a manner that promotes sustainable value creation for our clients. Our expertise spans both the public and private sectors, across the portfolio of services, including mergers and acquisitions, transaction structuring, valuations, financial modelling, and capital allocation and optimisation.


Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

The M&A team excels in devising and executing transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and corporate restructurings.

Structured Solutions

Our team advises on optimal deal structure and how to effect transactions to support a range of strategic objectives.

Corporate Finance Strategy

We work with finance executives on major investment decisions, linking corporate strategy to capital markets performance and ensuring that M&A, due diligence reviews and other transactions are consistent with overall strategy.

Financial Modelling and Valuations

Building an effective business model is a complex task. Our team is well equipped to carry out model-review and model-build activities to aid our clients in making key decisions. Our team delivers robust valuations to support corporate transactions.


Capital Markets

Our team has extensive experience in advising on and obtaining finance for projects in both the public and private sectors. Our access to extensive capital markets networks allows us to develop ideal financing solutions.

Our team’s expertise focuses on developing sophisticated risk management programmes, including interest rate, foreign currency, inflation and commodity hedging. We provide financial risk management strategies to private corporations and state-owned companies.


Capital Raising

We specialise in originating debt capital such as bilateral loans, syndicated loans, private placements, development finance institution loans, export credit agency finance, and non-recourse project finance. Our team’s knowledge and advice spans the perspectives of bidder, sponsor, investor and banker in emerging markets.

Financial Risk Management Advisory

Our treasury and financial risk management professionals help our clients identify, assess, manage, report and limit treasury and financial risks through developing or reviewing financial risk management frameworks.

Specialised Treasury Advisory

Our team specialises in developing and implementing effective funding strategies, credit rating advisory, treasury operations establishment and repositioning solutions.

Hedging Solutions

We assist our clients in managing interest rate, foreign currency, credit, and commodity risks, amongst others