Trillian is a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor and good governance drives our corporate strategy. A powerful governance model enhances the quality of life of our country’s people, and increases shareholder confidence and employee wellness.



At Trillian, corporate governance is about more than simply devising a body of rules that control an organisation. To us, it’s about promoting trust, integrity, accountability and ethical conduct among our team. Our directors strive to provide inspiring leadership, strategic oversight and support to nurture a culture where good governance is embedded in all our actions. In this way we are able to produce and sustain value for all of Trillian’s stakeholders.

Board of Directors

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Executive Management

  • Trillian Financial Advisory - Head: Corporate and Specialised Finance

  • Trillian Financial Advisory - Chief Operating Officer

  • Asset Management - Chief Executive Officer

  • Asset Management - Chief Operating Officer

  • Trillian Property - Chief Executive Officer

  • Trillian Securities - Acting Chief Executive Officer

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