Management Consulting

Trillian Management Consulting (“TMC”) aspires to be Africa’s leading black-empowered consulting company. By consistently delivering services that add value to our increasing client base, we strive to build a brand synonymous with excellence and innovation



Our success is predicated on our ability to provide outstanding thinking and meticulous delivery by way of our exceptional people. We recruit and build teams that challenge the status-quo, leveraging individual ability and team dynamism to lead thinking and ultimately, deliver change.

Our business model reiterates our delivery aspiration – we prosper only when our clients prosper. This ensures that all delivery efforts result in one outcome: success for our clients.


Strategy Development

We work with organisations to build strategies that are robust and most importantly, deliver the desired results.

Organisation Design

We provide the necessary expertise and fact base to help organisations best align their people to the delivery of the organisation’s objectives.

Portfolio Optimisation

We provide necessary knowledge and senior-level experience to assist in creating consistent valuation models and further, tools to support effective portfolio decision making.

PMO and Project Execution

With many years of execution experience, we ensure strategic objectives and plans are translated into relevant projects that are delivered meticulously.

Supply Chain and Procurement Optimisation

We ensure that appropriate and effective procurement frameworks and structures exist and provide ongoing governance and oversight. Our risk-share model enables us to deliver efficient and cost-effective processes, thereby ensuring a competitive advantage and increased service levels to mutual benefit.

Change Management

Our insight into local markets, particularly with respect to change management, serves as a material differentiator for our clients. Rather than simply applying internationally recognised processes, our teams utilise their local, unwritten credentials to connect with client’s teams and empathise with the nature of their business strategy, thus build a commitment to change.

Capability Development

We offer a range of services and tools to support organisations in understanding capability requirements both now and in the future, and then assist them in developing strategies to address gaps.

Asset Configuration

We assist clients in configuring assets to achieve the desired results in enhanced asset life, lowest unit cost, greatest return, or highest short-term profitability.