Trillian Securities aspires to become a specialist stockbroking business and intends applying for the necessary regulatory memberships in order to operate



Trillian Securities’ main role will be to act as intermediary between our clients and the market. With many years’ current industry experience, the Securities team will be capable of providing macroeconomic research to aid institutional clients (including fund managers and large corporates) trade bonds, equities and financial instruments.



Brokerage Services

Providing services to help funds manage risk and executing trades through our sustained relationships with inter-brokers and primary dealers. Our Securities team will provide clients with a range of products and services, enabling access to financial instruments, such as:

  • Interest rate products – government bonds, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, money market securities.
  • Interest rate derivatives – swaps, swaptions, forward rate agreements, interest rate options, interest rates caps and floors, and interest rate futures.
  • Equities and equity derivatives – equity options, warrants, single stock futures, contracts for difference, and index return swaps.

Structured Trades

Our team will develop trading strategies and assist clients in the final execution of structured trades.