Media Statement by Trillian Capital Partners

23 October 2016

  1. The Independent Non-Executive Chairman of Trillian Mr. Tokyo Sexwale has noted reports in last weekend’s Sunday Times
  2. Mr. Sexwale has urgently interacted with members of senior management and viewed supporting documentation.
  3. The main thrust of the Sunday Times article seems to revolve around alleged pre-knowledge by a member/members of Trillian concerning the replacement of former Finance Minister Nene by President Zuma with Minister van Rooyen.
  4. Mr. Sexwale said “In such a situation, if true, it would be extremely alarming and would require a convincing explanation to the nation as to how that which was only supposed to be known by the President, became known in business circles including Trillian. The monster of corruption must not be allowed to take root and overwhelm the good work achieved since 1994”. Verifiable evidence of such would need to be put forward.
  5. Mr Sexwale would like to place on record that the company is NOT Gupta owned, and makes the share register of Trillian Holdings available for public scrutiny.
  6. However, with the full support of the board and senior management team, good corporate governance dictates that “Although the alleged matters took place last year before I joined the company in April of this year I should initiate an independent Investigation in order to fully test the veracity of these allegations”.
  7. The independent investigation is to be led by a trusted public person to fully investigate the allegations in collaboration with the relevant country’s Law Enforcement Agencies.
  8. Mr. Sexwale will make known the name of such an Independent person within the next 72 hours.ENDS

Issued by: Trevor Neethling


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